Ethan Strominger

Software Engineer / Instructor / Speaker

Pair Programming and Test Driven Development for Clean, Quality Code

Committed to doing good in the world


Hi, I'm Ethan Strominger

I am excited that you are reading my story!

In April of 2017, I caught the Test Driven Development and Mob / Pair Programming bug from the Mob Programming Conference. Since then, I have taught classes, ran a user group for Test Driven Development, presented at user groups and conferences on these subjects, and led workshops, in addition to mob / pair programming on open source projects.

If you are passionate about pair programming, test driven development, or other practices that foster rock-solid, maintainable, and extensible code, let’s talk. I would love to discuss whether my passion, knowledge, and technical skills would benefit your project.



Other skills: express, javascript, jquery, ajax, mongoose, HTML5, css, bootstrap, handlebars, GitHub, GitLab, Jekyll

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